All of the holiday videos are shared in the Mary Kay spirit of  "Go Give."
Incorporate these fabulous ideas in the way that works best for your business.

Advent and 12 Days Gift Sets
Thank You Julie Potts

How to make Mary Kay gift baskets
Thank You Jovan Tapeh 


 Mary Kay Christmas Open House and gift suggestions are
 highlighted on this special holiday open house. 
Thank You 
Piper Prinzi 

This is a PHENOMENAL video sharing ideas on how to have
an amazing Mary Kay Open House!


Great ideas you can use at your Mary Kay Open house!
Thank You Gina

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 Overcoming Holiday Booking Objectives 

Dear Santa
Holiday Wish List My Mary Kay Wish List

 Pillow Gift - How To
Merry Christmas
Pillow Gift Red Gift Tag
Merry Christmas
Pillow Gift Green Gift Tag
Happy Holidays
Pillow Gift Red Gift Tag
Happy Holidays
Pillow Gift Green Gift Tag

Christmas Gift Certificate 1 Christmas Gift Certificate 2
Christmas Gift Certificate 3 Christmas Gift Certificate 4
Holiday Stop and Shop Invitation
Merry Christmas to Me! $10,000 Plan Holiday Plan of Action
Malibu by Christmas! (Consultant Plan) How to Host a Holiday Coffee
$12,000 Holiday Selling Blitz What's Next After Your Open House
How to do a Holiday "Stop and Shop"
Making your Trunk Work for You!
Spice up Your Open House Holiday Open House Invites - Editable Text Box
Tips for Holiday Open Houses Holiday Open House Invites, With Discounts for Bringing Guest - Editable Text Box


Put Some Jingle in Your Pocket by Christmas
Corporate Letter - Christmas
(with editable text boxes)
Corporate Letter - Happy Holidays
(with editable text boxes)


We "Whisk" You a Merry Christmas
Thank You Tracey Aden

Live Fearlessly Intouch flier The Little Book of Gifts
We Whisk You A Merry Christmas We Whisk You A Happy Holiday 

Mary Kay 12 Days of Christmas Tutorial
Thank You Kym Phillips


12 Days of Christmas Tower Pictures

12 Days of Christmas Thank You NSD Kristin Sharpe 

12 Days of Christmas Price Chart  12 Days of Christmas Script 

$20 Gift Certificate   


Footsie Roll Wrapper Dark - 
Special Thanks to Maria Vogel
Footsie Roll Wrapper White
Cupcake Socks - How to Snowman Soup - How to
Snowman Soup Poem Tag
(Merry Christmas)
Snowman Soup Poem Tag
(Happy Holidays)
Man Can Labels (Square) Man Can Labels (Circle)


Holiday Snowman Wrapper Let It Snow - Print Out

How to create a Mary Kay Thanks-a-Latte Gift set,
perfect for Teachers, co-workers, Dentist, Hairstylist, Doctor, etc.
Thank You Jamie 


Thanks-a-Latte Gift Tags 

Sock Pop Tutorial 
Thank You Jamie 

Candy Cane Makeover Tags